Most Famous And Richest: Celebrity Net Worth

There is no denying that the entertainment bubble is one of the biggest money-making industries in the world. From sports to music, we all have our idols and role models. It is also an industry that gives us a relative degree of distraction from the stresses of life. As such, we all have our favorite movies or albums that keep us going.

In our list, we pay homage to our favorite celebrities. We take note of how they earned their millions and how they achieved their prominence in the industry. From Academy Award-winning actors to Grammy Award-winning artists, we take a deep dive into their careers and how they have earned their success. Moreover, we take a look at how some of these celebrities spend their millions. From their real estate properties to their car collection, it is certainly worthwhile to see what kind of lavish lifestyle the entertainment industry can offer.

Will Smith | $350 Million

Hollywood A-lister Will Smith has truly built an empire in the entertainment industry. He has come a long way from his rapper days as the Fresh Prince. The actor would garner his initial taste of success in the sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back then. And in the ’90s, he starred in a string of blockbusters, including Independence Day, Bad Boys, and Men in Black. Simultaneously, he garnered a degree of reasonable success with his rap career. Since then, Will has become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He has an impressive net worth of an estimated $350 million.

Now how does he spend his millions? Apart from his lavish car collection, which includes a Maybach 57S and a Mercedes-Benz GL450, he has a $42-million house in Calabasas. Moreover, he spoils his children. In 2016, media sources reported that he bought his son, Jaden, a 6000-square-foot mansion worth at least $4 million.