Our Favorite Celebrities Then and Now: A Brief Inquiry

As part of the majority, it goes without saying that we perhaps hold our favorite celebrities in high regard. We watch their shows, buy their merchandise, listen to their latest albums, follow their social media accounts, and even use the products they advertise. We cannot deny how much they have influenced us. We adore the roles they play in that they are manifestations of either our inarticulate thoughts or our unspoken feelings—a certain form of attachment is birthed. We sometimes forget that they are like us, humans, who are capable of undergoing constant myriad changes in their life.

Everything is uncertain. There is a deep chasm between ‘then’ and ‘now’ that might be filled with either good or bad circumstances that can greatly affect the ‘now’. A celebrity’s success back then does not necessarily equate to success in the present; the same goes with failure, a trace of good luck to a once unlucky celebrity might go a long way. May this compilation remind us that besides the roles they play, there is certainly more to the celebrities than what they choose to show in the big screen.

Nicole Kidman

Aging is probably one of the best things that happened to this beautiful actress. From her naturally curly hair, flawless white complexion, and of course, her ocean blue eyes. She indeed hasn’t changed that much, just prettier. Kidman started acting in the ‘80s, but due to her mother’s health condition, she opted to stop for a while and eventually came back stronger. Currently, she’s a well-established actress who already appeared in a long list of film credits, some of which are Aquaman, Big Little Lies, and The Hours, where she received an Oscar Best Actress for her outstanding performance.

In case you’re out of the loop, after her marriage with lead actor Tom Cruise ended, Nicole walked down the aisle again, but this time with country superstar Keith Urban. The power couple now has two stunning daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, plus the two adopted children she had with Cruise.