That’s How It Feels

We’re all familiar with similes and analogies, yes? They are techniques used in writing that help readers understand a particular piece of information. One such example is comparing how beneficial water is to us as gas is to cars. Well, besides the informative setting, it’s also very effective in telling jokes.

FUN FACT: There’s one saying that’s somewhere along the lines of “If you find the humor in even the hardest situations, you have won.” Well, just about anything in our day-to-day living can be turned into comedic materials. Add in a touch of good simile or analogy, and you have yourself a joke that just about anyone can relate to and laugh at. This is made all the more apparent with what we see around the internet, such as this seemingly fitting depiction of what a shampoo bottle feels like when it falls on our big toe – it’s not and never will be pleasant.