Single Celebs: These Famous People Don’t Mind Staying Unmarried For A Long Time

Single? If you are, don’t feel down. A lot of A-list and high-profile celebrities are single and thriving. There are many famous personalities out there who are perfectly fine with their current singleton status. Who wouldn’t be when you are literally adored and supported by tons of fans all over the world?

The world can be your oyster if you let it. The same goes for love as it is within reach for people who want it, especially for our well-known celebs. Some may have gone through rough breakups and some might even be just plainly comfortable without a partner. Whirlwind romances flings and on rare occasions, true love, are things experienced in real life and the Hollywood industry. Who’s dated who? Who cheated first? Who has never been committed to a serious relationship? Nonetheless, flying solo won’t be a problem for these amazingly talented celebrities. They take credit for being hot, beautiful, and most definitely, right-swipe-worthy. Surely, the person that gets to date one of them could consider themselves incredibly lucky if given the chance.

Angelina Jolie

The Maleficent star Angelina Jolie has always made headlines with her philanthropic work and her role as the epitome of motherhood. Definitely mom-goals! The starlet has split from ex-beau Brad Pitt for quite some time now and she is slowly making her way back into the dating scene. The actress is ready to experience love all over again but it is no secret that she will always put her kids first.

It is known to a certain degree that the mother of six is super protective and close towards her children. Surprisingly, the kids flipped the script on the actress, because now that they are all grown up, all they want is for their mom to be happy and healthy. Surely, dating is not the star’s priority at the moment, but it is not off the table. The actress has recently starred in the action film Those Who Wish Me Dead, proving that she can definitely still be just as badass as she used to be.