36 Laughable Reactions of Celebrities to Paparazzis Following Them

Actors know that they become public property once they become famous. Their fans are often eager to know more about their latest projects, who they are dating, and every nitty-gritty detail about them. Naturally, the paparazzi are the ones who follow celebrities wherever they go to the point that many celebrities feel that they are being stalked most of the time. To these celebrities’ credit, they do have some laughable reactions to getting snapped during their personal time. Let’s check them out.

1. Young Britney Spears doesn’t like being followed that much, so she gave them a coke in a not-so-friendly way.

2. Joe Jonas and his wife, Sophie Turner, certainly know how to troll the paparazzi after they were caught having lunch. To their credit, their wide-eyed stare shot is not going to be published for sure.

3. Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, might have wished he had his wand on the ready, but a tongue-out shot was the best that he could throw at the photographer.

4. Ricky Martin embraced his celebrity status by giving the photographers a snazzy wave.

5. Long hair on celebrities not only makes them look good but they can also be used to cover their faces – just like what Eva Mendes did.

6. Benedict Cumberbatch fails at being a master of disguise but his hilarious attempt to cover his face with tissue does make for a comical shot. Kudos to the actor for laughing at his feeble attempt though.

7. Kat Slater brought on the comedy relief with the right mask for the paparazzi- a mask of Mr. Bean!

8. Leonardo DiCaprio might be running out of ideas on how to hide from the media. He even hid under an umbrella!

9. Mark Wahlberg has his crew taking snapshots of the paparazzi. Two can play that game.

10. Dustin Hoffman shows off his shy side by attempting to hide behind a tree.

11. Karlie Kloss sure knows how to make someone else a celebrity by stepping behind someone who posed for the cameras.

12. Uma Thurman practices her facial expressions on cue.

13. How to avoid the paparazzi when on a date: Hide behind your boyfriend, just like what Kesha did.

14. Cara Delavigne and Willow know what to do when it comes to avoiding the paparazzi. Long hair and a hat will do the trick.

15. The paparazzi aren’t the only ones who know how to take photos. Dustin Hoffman knows how, too.

16. 3rdRock from the Sun alum Joseph Gordon Levitt can only make gestures after realizing he is being snapped as he eats.

17. Kanye West’s expression says it all as the paparazzi captured him with the Kardashian brood.

18. Making faces at photographers is the default of some celebrities like Ryan Gosling.

19. Alec Baldwin’s temper got the best of him though as he slammed a photographer on the hood of a car.

20. Perhaps Baldwin can learn a thing or two from Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield when they promoted organizations they wrote down on paper.

21. However, Baldwin being Baldwin, a white cloth does the trick of making him disappear.

22. Having a bag with you or a baggy top can make a good cover just like what Charlize Theron and Emily Ratajowski did.

23. The two even resorted to using their cell phone and plane ticket to hide!

24. Even going all-out camouflage is not enough to blend in the crowd as Katy Perry found out.

25. It seems that Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch wants the photographers to focus on something else.

26. Improvisation is the name of the game for Ariel Winter as she shops.

27. David Beckham lets his daughter do her thing.

28. If you take photos of him, Gerard Butler will take photos of you.

29. Emma Stone’s funny faces will not earn this paparazzi any money.

30. Hiding behind a group of women may not be enough to hide Cristiano Ronaldo.

31. Spending your investment money on a bulky sweater to hide behind like DiCaprio? Check!

32. Hiding behind a tree is a great idea Shaq!

33. Grant Gustin showed off his exuberant dance moves.

34. Dustin Hoffman knows how to make do with what is available to hide behind.

35. A paper plate is a good enough mask to troll those snap-happy photographers as Pete Wentz did.

36. Jennifer Lawrence certainly knows how to ruin a photographer’s shot. Wear chopsticks as fangs!