20 Stars Who Love to Buy Groceries, Just Like Normal People Do

Most of us assume that celebrities let their personal assistants do all the grocery shopping for them. The ultra-rich may do so, but there are some stars who are still spotted doing grocery runs on their own. They are probably doing money management, don’t you think?

  1. Ariana Grande has professed her love for Whole Foods already so you might spot her doing her own grocery shopping here.
  2. Chris Hemsworth doesn’t mind spending his downtime with his family,buying groceries in between shooting for Thor.
  3. Rumors abound that Hollywood A-lister, Angelina Jolie, once spent $900,000 to hire nannies for each one of her kids. Since then, she has become more conscious about her spending and is often spotted doing her own groceries.
  4. Being an award-winning singer is not enough to stop Taylor Swift from buying whole produce on her own.
  5. Drake has once dropped a large amount of money in a grocery store to pay for every shopper’s cart. Apparently, it was for his music video,but who cares? The rapper does have a penchant to shop for himself so all is good.
  6. Britney Spears may have some legal issues with her investments, but she sure knows how to save money by shopping in Walmart.
  7. Jessica Alba has been spotted doing her own shopping. Perhaps she is learning the ropes for her own business.
  8. Going on a date at the grocery storeis not a bad idea for Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried back when they were still an item.
  9. Kaley Cuoco sure does have a sharp mind when it comes to investment planning as she and her husband do their grocery shopping on their own.
  10. Charlize Theron and Sean Penn do buy their groceries on their own. Penn doesn’t seem to mind that others are watching as he entertains Theron’s son.
  11. Justin Bieber has learned how to budget from his parents as he does his groceries, too.
  12. Zac Efron does his grocery shopping in style on a skateboard. How cool can you get?
  13. You might have thought that living in the White House will spoil you. Well, former First Lady Michelle Obama can sometimes be spotted in Target.
  14. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck often buy their groceries from the local market where small distributors sell their produce and wares.
  15. Jake Gyllenhaal might have heard some news while doing a grocery run on his own. Perhaps he learned that he needs to buy more stuff?
  16. Ever since her retirement, Cameron Diaz has been doing pretty good away from the limelight. As a matter of fact, she loves to do her own groceries like any normal person. To her credit, she is quite down to earth so this is not something new.
  17. Mila Kunis has experienced what it was like to have little money to live on. She sure knows how to shop smart using the money that she earns through her investments by buying groceries on her own.
  18. Anna Faris is not only doing her own groceries, but she even brought her dad with her! Perhaps she is getting some sage advice on how to spot a discount.
  19. Kylie Jenner is perfectly fine pumping fuel on her own SUV thank you very much. Her half-sister, though, has been known to rent out a store where she can do her shopping in private.
  20. There is no doubt that John Legend’s family has a huge appetite based on the full cart that his wife Chrissy Teigen has been pushing around in the grocery store.